This is so little fun game.

How to play

You can control your boat using the buttons A & D. As soon as you select the right place then click the left mouse button. So you throw floats. Now using the W and S keys you can control the bait. As soon as you grab the fish then pull it up. After that you will receive money that you can spend on improvements. Good game

About the fishes:

Not all fish are hungry and will pay attention to your bait. Fish have 2 parameters: hunger and interest. A fish that is very interested in bait will grab it. If the fish is very hungry, then its interest will be maximum and it will immediately grab the bait.

Game for Jam #93 - Fishing theme


Artist: Flikes, Coder: Flikes, game design: Flikes


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I like the art, clean vector graphics. Cool bubble particle effects, wave effects. The birds were a nice touch, except there's a couple flying in place where you spawn in.

For some reason when the hook enters the water the framerate drops drastically.

Since you can't control the hook horizontally you can get stuck without any fish to catch. I also didn't understand the bait system -- I had assumed it was based on the colors, but I kept getting fish when I was using a different color bait. Sometimes it would also take a really long time for a fish to catch the hook.

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You right. I just make this game for 2 days, so I can have some problems:))

Bait need to accelerate interest fish. Thus, she quickly seizes the bait. The more expensive the bait - the faster the fish will bite.

I will tell you a little about the parameters of the fish. They are that the fish may be hungry and interested. If she has reached the maximum of interest or she is very hungry, then she will grab the bait. Expensive bait is very attractive and speeds up these processes.

This is a job for the Jam and if I saw it before, I could improve these mechanisms:)

After trying again, I noticed the particle effects for interest building. I only noticed the question mark particle before. I think you may want to work on making the interest/hunger level more clear. As it is, there's no way of knowing how long it will take to catch the fish, you just have to wait. Maybe make the particle effect change as interest grows?

Yes, I have 8 hous for this :)

Nice sprites - very clean looking.